A Controversial Story On Mrunalini Versus Amitabh Dayal

Mrunalini - her mother - her daughter

Ms. Mrunalini happens to be a Bollywood producer. She also happens to be a doctor by profession. Ms. Mrunalini nay Dr. Mrunalini also happens to be a wife of a small time Bollywood actor Amitabh Dayal who had made his debut as an actor with a film called Kagaar which was of course produced by his wife Dr. Mrunalini. Incidentally speaking Dr. Mrunalini is separated from her husband Amitabh Dayal since the last 7 years. Dr. Mrunalini is staying alone & away from her husband Amitabh Dayal since then. Just last week Dr. Mrunalini had called for an urgent press conference for an important issue to be revealed to the print media as well as the electronic media. The press conference was held at Raheja Classic Club on 27th Jun, 2016 at pm. It was organised by Dr. Mrunalini’s PR Manager Mr. Raju Kariya. Present herewith is the gist of the press conference as revealed to both the print media & the electronic media in a first person account of Dr. Mrunalini hereself. A xerex copy of Dr. Mrunali’s complaint letter to the police against her husband was also handed over to the media at the end of the press conference.

“Actually speaking I had no intention to wash the so called dirty linen in public but now I am helpless and I have come here to reveal to the media that I have a complaint against my husband Amitabh Dayal who has been mentally and physically torturing me and asking me for extortion, blackmailing and even resorting to physically abuse. He is also threatening to defame me and kill me. He is even luring my mentally troubled daughter to defame in the media. I have all the proof with me to prove my point.”
“I am married to Amitabh Dayal since the year 2000. On the day of our wedding reception itself in Bilaspur he drank, abused, spit on me and even beat me up in front of his relatives. Finally his cousin brother Ajay Najat came to the hotel and threatened him to be given to police. Next day he said sorry in front of the whole family and I forgave him and came back to Mumbai. Things were normal for some day.”

“But again in the month of Jun that year when we went for our honeymoon, he drank again when we were in Delhi. Here too he beat me, abused me and even kicked me in my stomach. Once again he said sorry, but he was drunk.”

“After marriage he started physically torturing me and asked me to make a film for him. So to avoid family quarrels I formed a film company called Amruta Films Pvt Ltd and produced a film called Kagaar, I am still paying the debts of this film. I did this to calm him, thinking now he will stop torturing me.”

“But the physical violence & mental torture continued. He was even admitted in Holycross Hospital’s physchiatry ward under Dr. Rajan Prabhu and was treated for maniac depression with paranoia and also chronic alchohol deaddiction.”

There were dozens of other incidents mentioned in the press statement but I am now presenting the current situation in Dr. Mrunalini life.

“The same situation continued for years on end so much so that even his own relatives namely his nephew Gaurav Henry and others friends too, told me time and again that he was a big womaniser and a chronic alchoholic. They cautioned me to be aware of him and keep my daughter away from him. So finally 7 years ago I decided to stay away from him and severed all ties with him like his own relatives.”

“But as of now he has lured my teenage daughter and making her meet the media mainly to defame me. He is also exposing her to a lot of unmentionable things. Finally she ran away from home on 9th May, 2016 and her father brought her back on 16th May, 2016. But her attitude towards me had changed by now and she walked out again with bag and baggage on 29th May, 2016 and he is once again using her against me to defame my name in the media. As I mentioned earlier my daughter is a mentally troubled child and she needs at least 2 years of extensive therapy session to cure her, but her father is refraining her from doing so. I am only worried about my daughter’s well being. So as a last resort I will be going straight to a magistrate to seek her judicial custody and the police officials have also assured me that they will take a due course of action and will also file a proper FIR against my husband Amitabh Dayal. A point to be noted here is that we are still not legally divorced but I was ready to grant him a mutual divorce on grounds of 7 years of separation.