A need for an archive of authentic Islamic knowledge


by Shaikh Aarif Akhtar Hussain

It is time to start archiving all authentic Islamic information online.

Irrespective of who these people are, but there are many who are trying their level best to hide, delete or distort the history of Islam. It becomes the responsibility of every Islamic learning centre to join hands with scholars and Islamic libraries to preserve data of important people and their contributions in the field of Tafsir, Hadeeth, preserving the right aqeedah and speaking out for the right Manhaj.

Today, people online are being forced to read about great Islamic personalities but the information about them is not from authentic sources. Many times these websites pick up information from news channels that are backed up by political parties. Famous websites and other info sites give wrong perceptions about Islamically important people.

It’s just a matter of time that the real truth of the past will be erased and replaced with concocted stories and hidden agendas. We are already seeing it happening today in history text books in schools where the real historical essence of Islam in a particular country is missing and much attention is just being given to monuments, tourism centered historical sites and at most conquering events. The true wisdom of any Islamic historical event is either missing or misquoted.

All like minded Islamic organisations should join hands and develop a true one point online archive where the whole world can access the real and true information of Islam. Starting from Adam (AS) till our current struggle for keeping tauheed and the right manhaj and aqeedah alive.

Remember, information is vulnerable to bad intensions and heretics are everywhere.

Strong Muslim Empires have fallen not by the might of those who fought them, but by the layback don’t care comfort zone of the people who did not bother to strive and stand for the truth. The truth will win, with or without us. But most of us will be accountable for losing the key to a treasure. The treasure of eternal success.