Karnataka firm on Mekedatu project, says CM Siddaramaiah


Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday informed the Legislative Assembly that the State Government was committed to implementing the Mekedatu dam project proposed across the Cauvery river in Ramanagaram district.

He would convene an all-party meeting to discus the project and lead a delegation to Delhi to appraise the Centre of the necessity of the project for Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah said during his reply to the debate on the State Budget.

Mr. Siddaramaiah said Rs. 25 crore had been set aside for preparing a detailed project report. The project was conceived to meet the drinking water needs of people residing in the parched districts around Bengaluru. It would act as a balancing reservoir and harness water flowing into the sea.

“There is no politics in Krishna and Cauvery waters. We are building the Mekedatu dam within our state, they (TN) will not have any problem from it, and we know how to face this legally,” the Chief Minister said.

Tamil Nadu observed a bandh on Saturday opposing the plan for the Mekadatu project this side of the border.

The Opposition parties-backed state-wide farmers’ bandh over the Mekedatu dam row, though the state government has distanced itself from it.

The bandh call is to press the Centre to rein in Karnataka from going ahead with its proposed plan build a dam at Mekedatu and to urge it to set up the Cauvery Management Board and Cauvery Water Regulatory Authority.

Affiliated trade unions of eight state-run transport corporations of these parties, traders’ associations, retailers, vegetable traders and sand lorry operators are among those who had expressed support for the shutdown.


​Kannada mandatory subject in Karnataka


Bengaluru: Kannada language will be a mandatory subject in classes one to ten in schools affiliated to Karnataka board and a compulsory medium of instruction from classes one to five.

This is envisaged in the Kannada Language Learning Bill, 2015 making Kannada a mandatory subject in classes one to ten and Right To Education Act Amendment Bill which were passed by a voice vote in the state Assembly today.

The second bill amended Section 29 (2) of the Right To Education Act to change the provision “medium of instruction shall, as far as practicable, be in mother’s tongue” to “Kannada or mother tongue will be medium of instruction in primary schools” from classes to one to five.

The amendment would help the government in its arguments before the Supreme Court when the curative petition related to its language policy is taken up.

The Supreme Court had rejected a revision petition filed by the state government seeking review of its ruling which upheld a Karnataka High Court judgement striking down its government order issued in 1994 to impose Kannada or mother tongue as a medium of instruction in primary schools.


As chaos in Yemen continues, air strike kills dozens at refugee camp

Roughly 500 new families had arrived in the camp over the last two days, escaping bombings in other parts of the country

A displaced family at Al-Mazrak camp in northern Yemen. (Photo: UNHCR)

A displaced family at Al-Mazrak camp in northern Yemen. (Photo: UNHCR)

by Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams

As a Saudi-led coalition continued to strike Houthi targets in Yemen for a fifth day, at least 45 people have been killed, and dozens more injured, in the northern part of the country after an air strike hit a camp for internally displaced people.

According to Middle East Eye, Al-Mazrak Camp is home to at least 17,000 people displaced by previous fighting between the Houthis and Yemeni government as well as more recent arrivals who have fled this week’s attacks.

An International Organization for Migration spokesman said at least 65 people were injured in the bombing, which reportedly hit a medical facility in the camp and the camp management building.

Doctors Without Borders said Monday that roughly 500 new families arrived in the camp over the last two days, escaping bombings in the western area of Sa’dah.

“People in Al Mazraq camp have been living in very harsh conditions since 2009, and now they have suffered the consequences of an airstrike on the camp,” said Pablo Marco, the Doctors Without Borders operational manager for Yemen. “We call all parties to spare civilians from violence, respect the neutrality of medical facilities and staff, and allow unhindered access to medical assistance for the wounded.”

For updates on the unfolding situation, Common Dreams has curated a Twitter feed of trusted voices.

Surrendering to the lens: #syrianchild breaks hearts in the twittersphere

Turkish journalist Osman Sagirli took the photo in a refugee camp on the Syrian/Turkish border. The image has been retweeted over 14 million times. (Image: Twitter)

Turkish journalist Osman Sagirli took the photo in a refugee camp on the Syrian/Turkish border. The image has been retweeted over 14 million times. (Image: Twitter)

by Khaleej Times

A first glimpse at the picture hardly speaks of the image. But the caption that followed has sent goosebumps to users of the worldwide web. The picture was reportedly taken at a Syrian refugee camp by Turkish journalist Osman Sagirli, but it took the internet by storm when photojournalist Nadia AbuShaban tweeted it.

Seemingly a four-year-old, the Syrian child is pictured ‘surrendering’ after mistaking a camera for a gun. With a straight face and fearful eyes the toddler stares into the lens with pursed lips.

An Imgur user provides a translation of the newspaper excerpt and a name for the child: “His face suddenly drops. He squeezes his bottom lip between his teeth and gently lifts up his hands. Where he remains like that without a word. It is not exactly easy to cheer the child who thought the camera was a machine gun about to strike him. Adi Hudea, only four years old, lost his father in the Hama bombing. He came to Camp Atmen on the border of Syria/Turkey with his very nervous mother and three siblings.”

Everyone on Twitter poured their hearts out over this photo:

Are Media debates really useful?

Representational Image.

Representational Image.

by Virag R Dhulia

I was sitting at the guest room of DD news with three feminists – a prominent feminist, a male feminist and one more woman. They lost the debate to me on camera so they were insulting me off camera. On camera too they tried same. I was wondering about this male feminist who was so much in support of women but was actually making fun of me, a Woman!I returned with moist eyes,this did not happen for the first time; I had similar experiences at different media channels.

Those who go to the media and represent men’s rights must have noticed that there is only one pro men person and others are feminists. Generally media chooses a weak pro men debater so that they can make fun of him/her. If there is some strong pro men debater they either do not allow him/her to speak or just mute the mike. Basically they do not want to talk pro men or about men’s rights,they invite us to add fun element to the show.

I had a tough time when a retired judge and a famous feminist started laughing on men’s issues. So we got the message that they do not want to propagate men’s rights, for them abuse of men is a laughable matter. If we analyze about media debates then it is like a bunch of people sitting and shouting at each other, it does not solve the problem. It increases frustration and unnecessarily wastes our energy which can be used in other important tasks.

We do not need the paid media to speak for us; we will speak for ourselves.At one news channel when the guest coordinator came to know that I am about to speak for men, she gave me a weird look and stopped interacting with me. On one such occasion they called me and they wanted me to say something on the famous so called rape case of the country. I politely refused to participate andwhen they asked me the reason, I said,”talk about men and I will surely come”, the phone was cut after this .

After a series of false rape cases, the feminist media became desperate to bring the feminist agenda on air. Also, after Arnesh Kumar judgement, 498a got diluted a lot so they thought of a new trick and the trick was, “Marital Rape“. I got the news that I will be getting call from a prominent channel for the topic.

The call was from a woman guest coordinator, she wanted some victims where husband was charged with marital rape and came out clean. Basically they wanted to showone man as a victim and then make fun of him with the popular tactics of media.

I asked the woman on phone, “lady what to do you mean by marital rape and there is no such law.”

She kind of explained to me, “madam marital rape means those husbands who force their wives for sex,”

I said, “But that never happens”.

She was getting desperate,”Madam, I need numbers of such men who have gone through the false allegations”.

I said, ”Alright I have many men in touch with me who are blamed of violence, dowry and sexual assault too”.

She said,”No, not dowry law victims I want victims of fake marital rape charges”.

I said,“What is the program about?”

She cut my question and asked, “Do you have numbers of victims?”

I said, “Yes I have but I will not give you as I know you will make fun of them and my boys have dignity.“

She was aghast and played the last card,”Actually madam we want to talk about male victims “,

I said, “Really, then make a program exclusively on men and I promise to bring men from different arenas.”

She lost it and said ”alright madam thanks.”

Then she called an activist at Hyderabad said same things to convince him to be a part of the discussion. Our activist asked similar questions what the program is all about?How many people are participating?Who all will be the part of panel?

She offered flight ticket to him but could not convince him. He said, “See, if you want to make a program on men, let it be men only, we will not jump inside the feminist agenda, so think before making such program. Men’s pleas cannot come in between the feminist propaganda. “

The reality came out as they wanted to talk about the Supreme Court ruling which refused to accept marital rape. Our activist blasted at them asking, “You are saying you want to talk about male victims, thenwhy don’t you discuss the skyrocketing suicide of husbands, or the woman who cut her husband’s genitals or the Dimapur, Agra,Rajasthan lynching of innocent men based on mere suspicion or the amity fake gang rape case which ruined the lives of 2 young men?You want us to talk about a subject which does not exist but you will not talk about the atrocities on men happening everyday“. The phone was disconnected after this.

Till the media learns to talk about men, it is important to give them a clear message that we are not jokers who will come entertain you and discuss every crap with you. If you think that abuse of men is a myth, then so be it. We have the power to tell the truth to the worldourselves.

Media is paid by some very powerful feminist agenda otherwise how someone can just offer flight ticket from Hyderabad to Delhi. If feminists are paying them, then what is the point in talking to them?

There are other ways of creating awareness and presenting ourselves. Time has come when media needs to talk on our terms and conditions not theirs. Our message has already reached and now those who are not taking us seriously are the people who do not want to accept reality. You wake up those who are sleeping not those who are just pretending to sleep.

Media showed its true colors when it started making fun of Indian cricket team when they lost the semifinals. This is how everyone judges a man – onefailure and he is no more significant!

How does one trust such media? Many people call me and say madam I want to highlight my case in media. It is an illusion that they are for common man and they fight for truth, they actually fight for their agenda and business. Every tear is money for them, they earn by tarnishing image of men, so why to be part of them? Let them have their circus alone with feminist, manginas and white knights; we will utilize our time to train people who want to give misandry a good fight.

Also, it is important to mention here that those media persons who genuinely spread the word of men’s rights have had their careers grow like anything. So, choice is with media.

Virag R Dhulia is the Head of Gender Studies at Confidare Research.

Movies Newswatch

Chaitanya Tamhane Court

Bollywood has always been mired in controversies galore, but sometimes there is a lull and it comes up with interesting news too. So this week our Entertainment Editor SHAHEEN RAAJ presents the awards, festival jamboree & other special news especially for the Nasheman readers.

European Union Film Festival Kickstarted In Chennai

A European Union Film Festival recently got kickstarted In Chennai to be precise on 31st Mar, 2015. The rich cultural diversity of the European Union and its Member States will be on display in its myriad hues at the 20th European Union Film Festival that began in Chennai on 31 Mar, 2015. The festival brings to India a repertoire of 21 latest and award winning European films from as many 21 countries. Organized by the Delegation of the European Union and embassies of Member States in partnership with local organizations including the Federation of Film Societies of India, the festival will traverse through Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Coimbatore & Jodhpur over the next 4 months.

Celebrating 20 years of bringing European cinema to India, the festival will screen movies from varied genres including comedy, drama, romance & action

A Double Bonanza For ‘Court’

Of late it was a double bonanza for the film ‘Court’. In fact it was a double dhamaka for Chaitanya Tamhane whose directorial debut ‘Court’ won the “Best Feature Film” at the 62nd National Film Awards. The director along with producer-actor Vivek Gomber were scheduled to leave for New York for the US premiere of ‘Court’, which has been selected for the prestigious festival New Directors/New Films.  Just when they were wrapping work at office, they got news of ‘Court’ winning the prestigious national award here. After winning 17 international awards, finally it got recognized by our own country. Chaitanya & Vivek both expressed that they hope to celebrate their latest award with their team post the New York screening of ‘Court’. The film releases in India on 17th Apr,  2015.

Bengali movie ‘Chotushkone’ Wins 3 National Awards

Bengali movie ‘Chotushkone’ Wins 3 National Awards. Reliance Entertainment’s Bengali release ‘Chotushkone’ has received 3 prestigious National Awards. Srijit Mukherjee bagged “Best Direction” & “Best Original Screenplay” & Sudeep Chatterjee received the “Best Cinematography” award for ‘Chotushkone’. ‘Chotushkone’ or ‘The Quadrangle’ is a film about love, ambition, unconventional relationships and above all, vengeance.

‘Bhoothnath Returns’ Gets A Special Mention At National Awards

‘Bhoothnath Returns’ gets a special mention at National Awards. The immensely acclaimed ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ which struck box office gold when it was released last year has added yet another prestigious feather to its cap, with a special mention at the recently announced National Awards.

Produced by T-Series & B R Films ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ which had the unique pair of megastar Amitabh Bachchan and talented child star Parth Bhalerao as leads along with Usha Jadhav, has been conferred with a special mention at National Awards announced recently. It was Produced by Bhushan Kumar & Abhay Chopra & directed by Nitesh Tiwari.

‘Friend-Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan’ Bags  “Best Children’s Film Award” At The 7th Nashik International Film Festival

The film ‘Friend-Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan’ recently bagged the “Best Children’s Film Award” in the recently concluded 7th Nashik International Film Festival.

The film ‘Friend-Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan’, made under the banner of Navdeep Film Creative has bagged the “Best Childrens Film Award” & the film’s Child artist Chinmay Deshakar of ‘Best Dramebaaz’ fame has bagged the “Best Child Actor” Jury Award at the 7th Nashik International Film Festival”. The jury members comprised of JYOTI VENKATESH, NAGESH BHONSALE, GIRISH WANKHEDE & SHAHEEN RAAJ. The producer of the movie is Raju Pachghare & the director is Jagadish Watharkar. The awards ceremony of the 7th Nashik International Film Festival was held on 22nd Mar, 2015 at Sula Wine, Nashik.

Shashi Kapoor To Receive Dadasaheb Phalke Award

Shashi Kapoor is all set to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Veteran film actor & producer Shashi Kapoor, who charmed his way in Bollywood as an actor with his unique mannerisms, will receive the 46th Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2014.  The award is conferred by the Central Government for outstanding contribution to the growth & development of Indian cinema. The award consists of a Swarn Kamal (Golden Lotus), a cash prize of Rs 10 lakhs and a shawl. The award is given on the basis of recommendations of a Committee of eminent persons set up by the Government for this purpose. This year, a 5 member jury consisting of eminent film personalities, after due deliberations, unanimously recommended Shashi Kapoor for the prestigious award.

Information & Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley conveyed his congratulations on the occasion.  Born on 18 Mar, 1938, Shashi Kapoor is the youngest son of the Late Prithviraj Kapoor and the youngest brother the Late Raj Kapoor, both of whom have also been conferred with this award. While Prithviraj Kapoor received this award in 1972, Raj Kapoor received it in 1988.

Kangana Ranaut Bags National Award As “Best Actress” For ‘Queen’

Kangana Ranaut bags the National Award as Best Actress For ‘Queen’
Kangana Ranaut, whose performance was applauded by one and all in the film Queen has won the National Film Award for “Best Actress” for essaying the role of ‘Rani’ in the movie. This is Ranaut’s 2nd National Award. In 2008, the actress won the “Best Supporting Actress” award for her performance in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’. Additionally, Vikas Bahl directed ‘Queen’ has won the “Best Film” Award. The National Awards will be handed out by President Pranab Mukherjee on 3rd May, 2015 in New Delhi.

CBFC denies ‘Dharam Sankat Mein’ To HARAM SANKAT MEIN was shown to Pandits & Maulavis

The CEO of the Central Board Of film Certification (CBFC) Dr. Shravan Kumar has categorically denied the media reports that mentioned CBFC was using the services of a Maulavi and a Pandit in the certification process for ‘Dharam Sankat Mein’. The film has been recommended for UA certification after certain modifications.

Movie Review: 'Hunterrr' is certainly a surprise package as far as naughty adult comedies are concerned


Producer: Kirti Nakhwa, Rohit Chugani, Ketan Maru, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane & Anurag Kashyap
Director: Hashvardhan Kulkarni
Cast: Gulshan Devaiya, Radhika Apte, Sai Tamhankar, Sagar Deshmukh, Veera Saxena, Rachel D’Souza, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi, Suraj Jagan & Sandeep Dhabale
Music: Khamosh Shah

Débutante director Harshvardhan Kulkarni, a short filmmaker earlier on, in his debut feature film offering ‘Hunterrr’ has made an extremely lovable adult sex comedy without even taking a slightest refuge in the voyeuristic vulgarism. So what if he was heavily & highly inspired by some other films of this genre, the last one being ‘Grand Masti’.

‘Hunterrr’s adult sex comedy plot depicts Vaasu, who is known more for his ‘vaasugiri’. Something which he has been doing since his younger days like bunking classes as a school student and sneaking into a sleaze video parlor to see adults film, only to be caught by the cops and paraded in public with his head half shaved. As he grows ‘up’, he starts understanding the ‘wants of a woman’ and thus, he becomes a ‘hunter’ of sorts. And his hunted ‘objects’ include the married lady Jyotsna (Sai Tamhankar), Parul (Veera Saxena) and a handful of other catches (which also includes the very proverbial ‘Savita Bhabhi’ too). Incidentally speaking Jyotsana Bhabhi (Sai Tamhankar) is a sexually frustrated married woman who seeks pleasure in the arms of the neighbourhood college kid Vaasu (Mandar Ponkshe). Even after her husband finds out about her misadventures, Vaasu suggests that they should continue with their escapades. However, unlike most women in Hindi films, Jyotsana tells him that he may run away from a rented room but she will not leave her kid for his sake. She is very clear that she was only seeking sexual pleasure without any emotional attachment.

On the other hand Trupti (Radhika Apte), is the woman Vaasu meets for an arranged marriage and falls for. Having decided to marry after a string of unsuccessful affairs, she categorically tells Vaasu that they should take time knowing each other before finalizing the marriage. Unlike the other middle-class people from our films, Vaasu does not mind Trupti’s past affairs nor does Trupti want to carry forward grudges over his sexually-colourful past. When Vaasu approaches Shobha (Rachel D’Souza) and is rejected, he leaves without creating any ruckus or passing judgement over how she invited him, a stranger, into her hotel room and then denied him sexual favors. In fact, when he realises that she is the aunt he was supposed to pick up at the airport, he apologizes.

‘Hunterrr’ can be safely termed as débutante director Harshavardhan Kulkarni’s crowning as a director. It goes without saying that his direction skills are par excellence. And last but not the least full credit goes to Harshavardhan Kulkarni & Vijay Maurya for springing up very impromptu lines. The film actually ‘stands’ and thrives on such dialogues and one liners.

Performance wise Gulshan Devaiah, the leader of the ‘Hunterrr’ gang leads the histrionics department. He scores above all. He is a natural nay a born actor. His comic sense of timing coupled with raw ‘sensualness’ is brilliant. The female leads gang is led by none other than that extremely gifted Sai Tamhankar. Veera Saxena, the débutante actress has got a dream role that any actress can die for. But amongst all the female brigade of actresses it’s the fiery Radhika Apte, who scores brownie points. Her future seems to be very bright with 2 success in a row namely ‘Badlapur’ & now ‘Hunterrra’. Sagar Deshmukh is another actor to be watched out for. A special mention must go to Rachel Dsouza, Nitesh Pandey, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi, Suraj Jagan &
Sandeep Dhabale et al for their stunningly brief roles.

Tailpiece: ‘Hunterrr’ is a not to be missed naughty comedy full of witty lines.

Movie Review: 'Barkhaa' is a romantic film steeped in intriguing mystery

Producer: Shabana Hashmi
Director: Shadaab Mirza
Cast: Sara Loren, Taaha Shah, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shweta Pandit, Puneet Issar & Ashiesh Roy
Music: Amjad – Nadeem
Débutante director Shadaab Mirza has tried his directional skill in the romantic genre albeit embroiled in intriguing mystery. Its a decent enough effort  which can be termed as remarkable albeit not outstanding.The plotted scenario of this romantically mysterious film ‘Barkhaa’ opens in an intensive care unit (ICU) in which Akash (Priyanshu Chatterji) is almost on the verge of losing his life and his parents and younger brother Jatin (Taaha Shah) are trying their level best for his survival treatment. While Jatin is tensed up no end, he keeps getting a reminder call about his appointment of being the chief guest at a book launch function of ‘Aks’. Jatin reaches the launch venue in order to fulfill his professional commitment. No doubt he inaugurates the book named ‘Aks’ which means shadow. But the moment he finishes reading out a few pages, he finds out something mysterious about the story and immediately sets off to seek the identity of the publisher leaving the book launch midway. But he gets jolted by shock when the publisher claims to be unaware about the author’s whereabouts and maintains that it was couriered to her office and they decided to publish it due to its intriguing plot. So no wonder that the book launch triggers off a series of flashback events. And to resolve ‘Barkhaa’s further plot, shrouded in mystery one can take a stroll down to their nearest cinema halls. Period!!!

Débutante director Shadaab Mirza’s direction is okay but he really needs to brush up and sharpen his directional as well as penning skills in tandem with Lawrence John. A somewhat passable marks can also be given to Amjad – Nadeem for music & Raju Singh for background music. Yet the devils should be given their due credit, I am referring to Mayuresh Sawant for good editing & Mujahid Raja for his excellent cinematography. He has beautifully captured the scenic locales of Himachal Pradesh.

Performance wise Sara Loren is ok but is certainly a misfit for the title role even though she did try to infuse some life in her author backed role. But of course Shweta Pandit shines in her poorly sketched character. Yet it is Taaha Shah who stands out albeit the full potential of this extremely talented actor has not been tapped by the director. Besides in future he should select roles in a non – female centric films. Asheish Roy is perfect. Sadly enough Both Priyanshu Chatterjii and veteran actor Puneet Issar are highly disappointing.

Tailpiece: ‘Barkhaa’ is clean & wholesome film for family & teenagers alike, if only it had a more careful & attractive musical packaging.

Rajnath backs national ban on cow slaughter

Rajnath Singh

Indore: The NDA government will try its “level best” to bring in a countrywide ban on slaughter of cows by evolving a consensus, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday.

“Cow slaughter cannot be accepted in this country. We will make all-out efforts to ban it and will also try hard for a consensus,” he told a gathering of spiritual leaders of Shwetambar Jains, a prominent sect of Jainism.

Referring to the cow slaughter ban in the BJP-ruled States of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the senior BJP leader said nobody should doubt the government’s commitment in this regard.

“The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh enacted a tough law; so has the Maharashtra government. We didn’t waste any time in sending the Bill passed by Maharashtra government to the President for his assent,” he said referring to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, which also extends the ban to slaughter of bulls and bullocks.

On the occasion, Acharya Shivmuni wanted the Centre to bring in legislation in the current Budget Session of Parliament for banning slaughter of buffaloes also.

To this, Mr. Singh said the government needed to have an absolute majority in both Houses of Parliament to enforce a complete ban. “You must be reading in the newspapers how the government has to struggle to get various bills passed in Parliament.” The BJP lacks the numbers in the Rajya Sabha.

Mr. Singh recalled that when he was Agriculture Minister in 2003, his Ministry had prepared a Bill for a total ban on slaughter of cows. “But the moment I rose to present it in Parliament, there was an uproar. That is why we couldn’t get the Bill passed,” he said.

‘Gem of Indian culture’

Describing Jainism as the “gem” of Indian culture, he said: “The entire world is affected by the scourge of terrorism, origin of which lies in the mentality of violence. And this mentality can be fought with the teachings of Jainism.”


Karnataka MLAs salary up by Rs 5,000; Siddaramaiah to take home Rs 50,000


Bengaluru: Karnataka legislators on Monday gave themselves a hefty hike in salaries and allowances with the Chief Minister’s monthly salary set to jump from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.

The salaries of the ministers will go up from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.

The sumptuary allowance has been increased to Rs. three lakh per month for both Chief Ministers and the ministers.

The salary of MLAs will go up from Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per month under the Karnataka Legislature Salaries, Pensions and Allowances (Amendment) Bill.

There is considerable increase in other allowances including conveyence and house rent.

The salaries of the Legislative Council Chairman and the Speaker will be Rs 50,000 per month and sumptuary allowance Rs three lakh each.

The increase in salaries, pension and allowance of the legislators will entail an additional expenditure of Rs 44 crore per annum and the hike in salaries and allowances of ministers will cast an additional burden to the tune of Rs 3.50 crore per year on government exchequer.

The Karnataka Legislature Salaries, Pensions and Allowances (Amendment) Bill, 2015 and Karnataka Ministers Salaries and Allowances (Amendment) Bill, moved by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, were passed in the assembly by voice vote.