ISIL’s Abu Mohamed al-Adnani ‘dead in Syria’s Aleppo’

ISIL-linked website says Adnani was killed while monitoring military operations in Aleppo province.

Abu Mohamed al-Adnani

by Al Jazeera

The main spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) armed group, Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, has been killed in the Syrian province of Aleppo, according to an ISIL-linked website.

Amaq, the ISIL-affiliated media, said on Tuesday Adnani was killed while monitoring military operations in Aleppo.

A US defence official said the US-led coalition forces battling ISIL had conducted an air strike Tuesday targeting a “senior leader” of the group, without specifying who the leader was.

“Coalition forces conducted an air strike in al-Bab, Syria, targeting an [ISIL] senior leader,” the official said, according to the Paris-based AFP news agency.

“We are still assessing the results of the operation at this time.”

Adnani, described as ISIL’s second most senior leader, was one of the group’s longest-serving figures.

The details of Adnani’s death remain unclear.

Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane, reporting from Washington DC, said there was no immediate comment or confirmation from US officials of his death.

Believed to had been born in Syria, Adnani “was often seen on video urging followers to carry out attacks abroad”, our correspondent said.

Adnani has been the voice of ISIL, also known as ISIS, over the past few years, and has released numerous, lengthy audio files online in which he urged followers to carry out attacks.

“Adnani commanded widespread respect within the movement [ISIL],” Shiraz Maher, Deputy Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, said.

“What made him particularly dangerous was that he personally oversaw and directed ISIL’s external operations. His prominence meant that he even eclipsed the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in terms of public pronouncements, so the group will feel his absence quite pointedly.”

Earlier this year, Adnani called for massive attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. He has also called for attacks in Western countries.

ISIL controls large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, and is fighting Syrian troops, US-backed fighters and other rebel groups in northern Syria, as well as in Iraq.

Sakra World Hospital introduces Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Sakra Hospital

Only 7 Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement Surgeries have been performed till date in India and Sakra World Hospital is the first in South India and the only hospital other than AIIMS, Delhi to use this novel technique for treatment

Bengaluru: India is currently the second largest hub of osteoarthritis in the world. The number of patients in India is estimated to touch 60 million people nationally by the year 2025 and to become the world capital of osteoarthritis commonly known as wear and tear disease. About 20 years ago, the condition was noted to affect only those above the age of 65, but as per various studies today it is diagnosed in patients between the age group of 35-55.

Osteoarthritis in severe conditions results in complete disability of the knee and can leave the person bed ridden. Traditionally, the first step of treatment was to administer the patient with strong dose of pain killers to relive the pain temporarily. If the pain was not relieved even post medication and physiotherapy the only option was to undergo Total Knee Replacement Surgery. It is estimated that only 10% of Indians undergo TKR procedure due to the fear of late recovery and post recovery pain.

The latest procedure which has revolutionized the future of
Knee replacement surgeries is Partial Knee Replacement also
Known as UNICONDYLAR (PARTIAL) KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY using COMPUTER NAVIGATION. “Partial Knee Replacement Surgery replaces only the diseased part of the joint, and it is performed through a small incision, and involves less bone and soft tissue dissection. The technique used reduces the blood loss and also the risk of medical complications. The other benefits of the technique include minimal pain post operation and significant reduction of post-operative rehabilitation” said Dr. Chandrashekar. P, Senior Consultant & HOD – Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital.

Most studies have suggested that the recovery range of motion in patients who have Undergone Partial Knee Replacement is much faster when compared with patients who have undergone Total Knee Replacement. The technique of computer navigated partial knee replacement is relatively new in India. The technique was recently launched in India in AIIMS, Delhi and only seven surgeries have taken place, five out of which have been performed in AIIMS and two at Sakra World Hospital which is the first in South India.
A 52 year old housewife from Dhanbad, Jharkhand suffering from osteoarthritis, who was treated at Sakra World Hospital is the first person in South India to be treated by Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement. As a result of her condition she had severe pain her right knee joint, which progressed over time leaving her unable to perform her normal routine. Due to the inefficiency of medication and physiotherapy, surgery remained the only viable option. The doctors at Sakra after assessing her condition suggested Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement instead of TKR surgery performed elsewhere.

Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement is an attractive option for both the younger generation and the elderly. With more number of youngsters found suffering from ageing ailments, Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement becomes a good option. The beauty of the procedure is its adaptability to the Indian cultural requirements of squatting and sitting cross legged. It also helps in preservation of your natural bone and tissue with more ideal patient specific positioning, thereby giving a natural feel.

Priyanka Chopra’s Next Bhojpuri Film Launched

Priyanka Chopra

The 2nd Bhojpuri film of Purple Pebble Pictures in association with Red Quartz Entertainment was recently launched at Empire studio with a song recording under the supervision of music composer Madhukar Anand. The untitled film is being produced by Priyanka Chopra, Dr Madhu Chopra and Neha Shandilya. The film has been written and directed by Santosh Mishra, associate producer is Ravi Shankar Jaiswal and executive producer is Mahesh Upadhyay. Ravi Kishan and Nirahua are in the main cast. While the other cast & crew will be finalized soon. On this occasion many Bhojpuri and Bollywood film personalities were present.

Rani Dilwar Jani Last Song Picturised

The last and the 10th song of Shrinathji Production’s Rani Dilwar Jani was picturised recently at Future Studio. For the 1st time an Arabian Style dance was filmed in the history of the Bhojpuri Cinema. The song was shot on Anjana Singh and Shubhi Sharma in présence of Awadhesh Mishra. The film is slated to release after the rainy season. The film has been produced by Rajesh Singh alias Raju Bhai, choreographed and directed by Bali, written by Rajesh Singh and Shakeel, music by Rajesh Singh, lyrics by Shyam Dehati, action by Dilip Yadav, music arrangement by Shishir Panday and cinematography by Jehangir. The film stars Rani Chatterji, Pakhi Hegde, Monalisha, Anjana Singh, Archna Singh, Shubhi Sharma, Mahi Khan, Seema Singh, Viraj Bhatt, Awadhesh Mishra, Ejaj Khan, Deepak Bhatia, Anil Yadav, Jamal Khan, K. K. Goswami, Shyam Dehati and Kunal Singh.

Nayee Soch Hai Nayee Umang – Rediscovering India Video Album Released

The new patriotic music video album Nayee Soch Hai Nayee Umang – Rediscovering India of B. Prayog Infotainment was released on the eve of the Independence Day at Red Ribon Entertainment’s office at the hands of Smt. Lalita Bhave & Lalitya Munshaw of Red Ribon in digital format. This album has been produced by Dr. Vijay Bhave alias B. Prayog.

Kasam Maiya Ki Background Music Complete

The background music of Prem Ramchela Production’s Kasam Maiya Ki has recently been completed at Shakuntalam Studio under the supervision of Manoj Gupta. The film has been produced by Prem Sinha and Gyan Das Gupta, written and directed by Rama Mehra, music by Rajesh Ghayal, choreography by Kedar Subba, action by Darshan Singh, editing by Kamal Sahgal and cinematography by Ashok Saroj. The film stars Prem Sinha, Gyan Das Gupta, Brijesh Tripathi, Gurubachan, Ali Khan, Mahesh Raj, Dev Malhotra, Raj Gautam, Puja Manish Vyas, Saba Khan, Aruna Shivya, Rama Mehra and Seema Singh.

Suhaag Raat Chorwa Ke Saath Background Music Complete

The background music of Lajawab Production’s Suhaag Raat Chorwa Ke Saath has recently been completed at Nakul’s PNP Studio under the super vision of Abhishek Pandit. The film has been produced by Santosh Pandey, directed by Sabir Hussain, story – screenplay – dialogues by Sabir Hussain and Wajid Shaikh, music by Raj Inder Raj and S. Hussain, lyrics by Ranjit Yadav and S. Hussain and cinematography by Dilshad. The film stars debutant Kishan Kumar along with Priya Singh, Gopal Rai, Sanjay Verma, Raj Karan, Subhash Yadav, Jyotika, Krishna Singh, Awdhesh Ujjain etc.

Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin Releasing On 2nd Sept 2016 All Over India

Balaji Films Entertainment Present’s Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin is releasing on 2nd Sept, 2016 all over India. The film has been produced by Vijay Pandit and Mithun Sah, directed by Ajay Kumar jhaa, written by Arvind Tiwari, lyrics by Pyarelal Yadav and Arvind Tiwari, music by Om Jhaa, cinematography by Nitu Iqbal, choreography by Kanu Mukherjee and action by Hira yadav. The film stars Rakesh Mishra, Viraj Bhatt, Tanushree, Anjana Singh, Sanjay Panday, Prem Dubey, Ayaz Khan, Sanjay Verma etc.

Tridev 1st Look Out

The 1st look of Priyanshi Movies Presents Tridev is out now in Mumbai. The film has been produced and directed by Arvind Chawbe, written by Manoj Kushwaha, lyrics by Azad Singh and Shyam Dehati, music by Om Jhaa, cinematography by Ravi Chandan, action by Dilip Yadav and choreography by Rikki Gupta and Ram Devgan. The film stars Pawan Singh, Rishabh Kashyap Golu, Arvind Akela Kallu, Akashra Singh, Neha Shree, Inushree, Maya Yadav, Ayaz Khan, Jay Singh etc.

Sony TV Channel To Strengthen Its Weekend Lineup

sony tv channel

Sony TV Channel is now all set to strengthen its weekend lineup beginning with its new show Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal. The trio that has given Indian television some top of the line dance reality shows is back again with a program in the same genre namely Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal. Ashish Golwalker, Ranjeet Thakur & Hemant Ruparel are all set to launch their new kids dance reality show on Sony Entertainment Television. It promises to showcase dance talent from across the country on 1 national platform and will air from 10th Sept, 2016 in the prime time slot at 8 pm on Sat & Sun.

Produced by Frames Production, Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal will have 12 dance contestants who will get a golden opportunity to compete for the coveted title of India’s top emerging talent. Each finalist will be paired with 1 notable choreographer in charge of mentoring, understanding & nurturing their strengths, while introducing them to different dance techniques and bringing out the best in them week on week. To run for 27 episodes over 13 weeks, the production team has already canned 4 episodes. The per episode production cost of Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal is said to be between Rs 65 lakh & 70 lakh per episode and a 10 second TV commercial is being sold at Rs. 1.5 lakh.

The channel has roped in Patanjali Powervita as the presenting sponsor & Quick Heal as co – powered by sponsor.

Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal will be judged by actress Shilpa Shetty, choreographer Geeta Kapur and Bollywood director Anurag Basu. Rithvik Dhanjani & comedian Paritosh Tripathi will host the show.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Urges TV Channels To Aid Swachh Bharat Programme

The Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi has of late urged the TV Channels to aid Swachh Bharat programme and Big B features in the new promo. The Prime Minister recently urged the television channels to participate pro – actively in the Swachh Bharat programme as creativity may lead to new ideas & new slogans which can inspire people. Referring to the Short Films Competition on the theme “Swachh Bharat” announced recently by the Government of India, he said during his monthly “Monthly Ki Baat” on All India Radio that filmmakers no longer needed large studios or sets to shoot a film, and this could be done even on a mobile phone.

He said the winning entries will be announced in a special felicitation programme to be held in New Delhi on 2nd Oct, 2016 which also marks the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. Entries have been invited by the National Film Development Corporation on behalf of Information & Broadcasting Ministry by 10th Sept, 2016. The films can be made in Hindi, English or any of the listed official languages of India. The “Best Film” will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 10 lakh & a certificate. 3 of the 2nd “Best Films” will be awarded Rs 5 lakh each & 6 of the 3rd “Best Films” will be awarded Rs 2 lakh each.

Times Network Targets Jet Set With Its New Show Luxury Time

Times Network recently targeted jet set with its new show Luxury Time across 6 channels. Times Network launched a new show titled Luxury Time. The show is placed on the weekend primetime slots of not 1 or 2 but across 6 of its channels – ET Now, Times Now, Magicbricks Now, Romedy Now HD, Romedy Now SD & MN+. Reason: not dissecting the audience but giving it the power to choose a platform, whether they want to watch the show on the news channels or English Entertainment Channels. It went on air from 27th Aug, 2016. The debut season will comprise of 12 episodes of 30 minutes each and will span across categories like travel, lifestyle, personal care, accessories, fashion, gourmet, gadgets & premium stationery. The show promises to showcase luxury in the true sense – luxurious living, aspirational brands, gourmet cuisines, exotic destinations and the likes. Luxury Time is targeted at the 10.2 million strong English speaking audiences and aims to be an international barometer of luxury & sophistication. It has been shot internationally and in varied places within India with a bank of 3 to 4 shows ready.

Punit Misra Hired To Head Domestic Broadcast Business

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (Zeel) recently hired Unilever’s Punit Misra to head the domestic broadcast business. The Essel group owned Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) has recently filled the missing peg on its leadership roster: the CEO of its domestic broadcast business. Come 1st Oct, 2016, former Hindustan Unilever Ltd’s (HUL) senior executive & careerist Punit Misra will be stepping into those shoes at India’s leading media & entertainment major and will be directly reporting to ZEEL MD & CEO Punit Goenka. In recent times, ZEEL has been strengthening its senior management team to help it achieve its ambitious targets. Last year, it brought in family member & Punit’s younger brother & technopreneur Amit Goenka to head its international broadcast business. Earlier this year, it spun off its broadcast network sales into another company called Zee Unimedia which is headed by COO Ashish Sehgal.
Punit Misra, the new senior joinee, has had a long association with HUL and was last serving as an executive director & vice president – customer development. His responsibilities included heading sales. He joined HUL as a management trainee in 1996. Since then, he has worked in leadership roles across customer development, brand building, brand development & general management within HUL, as well as in the global customer development team of Unilever.

New Delhi Television Ltd (NDTV) Launched 2 New Channels

NDTV launches 2 new channels on Virgin cable in UK. New Delhi Television Ltd (NDTV) has recently launched 2 new channels on UK based telecommunication mass media company Virgin cable. The company informed BSE that the company has launched its Hindi news channel NDTV India in UK. Along with the news channel a subsidiary of the company, NDTV Lifestyle Limited, has launched an Indian food channel NDTV Spice on Virgin’s cable network. NDTV has a portfolio of 3 channels, including NDTV 24×7, NDTV India and India’s 1st ever 2 -in – 1 channel NDTV Profit – NDTV Prime (business news & infotainment). The channels target the global Indian with news. NDTV has a rollercoaster ride as a media company – turned – broadcaster in the last over 25 years. Last week, the income tax appellate tribunal (ITAT) ruled in its favour on tax matters related to assessment years 2007 – 2008 & 2008 – 2009 that had created a controversy. The company has been caught up in a legal tangle with the income tax department for some time. The ITAT said that NDTV need not pay tax on additional amount of Rs 22.09 crore, which the department wanted to add to its taxable income.

Discovery Channel Now Brings A New Reality Drama Series

Discovery Channel has recently launched a new reality drama series titled Hardcore Pawn. Pawning is an old practice & pawn shops are a common phenomenon in USA, where one can get quick & easy cash by pledging (loan) their personal belongings or selling their valuable items. Discovery’s new reality series Hardcore Pawn takes viewers into the crazy & dynamic world of American Jewelry & Loan – Detroit, USA’s largest pawn store, where a wide assortment of customers bring in everything from gold to old cars, from alligators to prosthetic limbs to exchange for cash. Viewers get a glimpse of the daily events at the pawn store where each day brings new customers, new rewards, and a new drama. It premiered on 29th Aug, 2016. Hardcore Pawn will air on weekdays (Mon – Fri) at 8 PM on Discovery Channel. Follow the Gold family as they wheel & deal with colourful customers, manage temperamental employees, and squabble with one another in the name of making money in one of the most troubled cities in America. This isn’t a typical trading job; this is “Hardcore Pawn”. The Gold family & their employees never know what to expect when people’s personal items are on the line. As each episode of this fascinating series reveals, haggling over a price can quickly escalate into an all -out conflict.

Colosceum’s New Drive

Television producer’s production house’ Colosceum’s new drive. Lalit Sharma has one ambition that keeps him up all night, it’s the drive to take his production house Colosceum Media into new vistas. The smiling soft – spoken bearded CEO whose charge has built up its reputation as a top notch producer of non – fiction & reality shows would like to balance out its portfolio by diversifying increasingly into TV dramas & series for Hindi General Entertainment Channel’s (GEC), shows for international TV channels, and digital content. For the 1st one, he has a challenge – albeit not un – surmountable – on his hands. For a large part programmers in Hindi GEC’s are a cautious bunch – they put producers in defined boxes and are loathe to give opportunities to untried & untested producers, even though they have experience in other genres. “Oh! He is into non – fiction; he does not have the requisite fiction production experience,” is oft heard in programming circles in channels. The production house has found a way out of this Catch22 situation. Over the years, it has partnered with fiction producers or creators by pumping in funds and looking after the production aspects of each show. For example for its latest endeavor, Dehleez, which came to a close in Jun, 2016. Lalit Sharma found a willing listener in Star Content Studios boss Gaurav Banerji who allowed him to partner & co – produce it with Farhan Salaruddin’s Fortune Productions for Star Plus. A romantic courtroom drama it ran for 104 episodes at 10:30 pm, and pulled in consistent ratings for the channel.

Big Magic All Set To Air Season’s Finale Of Har Mushkil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal

Big Magic is now all set to air the season’s finale of Akbar Birbal. Big
Magic‘s flagship show Har Mushkil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal, which thrives on its innovative content, has always been the front – runner in terms of viewership numbers. For years, the show has been at the top of its game, ruling the comedy space on Indian television. The show, which is inspired by the childhood folk tales of Akbar & Birbal, is all set to take viewers on yet another laughter ride in its season’s finale, before they announce the return of the next season soon enough.

Jasdeep Pannu Roped In

ESPN Channel has recently roped in Jasdeep Pannu as India TV initiatives head. Leading global sports network ESPN is slowly but steadily rebuilding itself in the Indian television space, after exiting its 50:50 sports broadcasting joint venture with Star India in 2012. Last year, it bounced back into the Indian television ecosystem in a partnership with Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) in an initiative that would see it giving birth to many channels, new program, online initiatives, amongst other things. At least that’s what MSM India CEO NP Singh & ESPN international Executive vice -president & managing director Russell Wolff had stated at the time of the launch of the new venture. Jan, 2016 saw Sony Kix being rebranded as Sony ESPN & Sony ESPN HD, the 1st of the many channels the 2 want to launch in India.
As a 1st step on the talent front, ESPN has brought in sports television veteran Jasdeep Pannu as head of its TV initiatives in India. Jasdeep Pannu joined the company in Jul, 2016 but has been working in a low key manner since then.

Arun Thapar joins A+ENetworks / TV18

Arun Thapar recently joined A+ENetworks / TV18. The factual entertainment genre in India is observing some flux with new channel launches as well as professional movements. Discovery Networks programming head Arun Thapar had recently resigned from the network he was associated with for 5 years. Arun Thapar has now hopped on board A+ENetworks|TV18. He will serve the network as executive vice president programming with immediate effect. Arun Thapar will be heading the creative content of the network’s 2 factual entertainment channels – History TV18 & FYI TV18. His initial main focus will be on building a strong & localised content library for the recently launched channel, FYI TV18.

#KillBills campaign to spread across 8 BBMP zones in the city

Basavanagudi ward corporators

Bengaluru: B.PAC in association with BBMP, elected representatives, civic groups and public-spirited citizens today took part in the Second edition of #KillBills. This is the second mega democratic campaign in the city against visual pollution spreading across all BBMP zones. This Visual Pollution has been on a rise lately destroying the beauty of the city. The intention of B.PAC is to Sensitize the citizens to stop polluting the city and its aesthetic values through unauthorized and illegal advertisements on public properties. This campaign is a citizen movement supported by elected representatives and was spearheaded by BBMP Joint Commissioners Mr Sarfaraz Khan along with all Joint Commissioners, who actively supported the drive along with dynamic elected leaders – MLAs and Corporators.

They were further supported by B.PAC’s B.Clip leaders and several other active civic leaders in removing illegal hoardings, banners, posters, and bills from public properties.

Through the last campaign that happened on July 2nd,there were 268 cases filed and it is a glad news that BBMP has already acted upon it in a step-wise manner.

( The campaign had complete cooperation from BBMP Commissioner and Mayor (pls.check attachments 1 & 2)

( The campaign had complete cooperation from BBMP Commissioner and Mayor (pls.check attachments 1 & 2)
The campaign, taken up with renewed energy and interest covered a much larger part of Bengaluru and took place in the following 16 wards:
BBMP Zone – Bangalore East
1. Vasantnagar – Ward 93, 8:30 am at Mount Carmel College
2. Domlur – Ward 112, 8 am at Shanthi Sagar hotel, KG Road, 1st stage Domlur
3. Shantala Nagar – Ward 111, 1:30 pm at Lifestyle, Richmond Road Junction
BBMP Zone – Bangalore West
4. Gayathri Nagar – Ward 76, 7:30 am at Chikka Rmamandira, Tha.ra,su. Road, Gayathri Nagar Main Road
5. Gandhinagar – Ward 94, 8:30 am at Ganesha Temple, Anand Rao Circle
BBMP Zone – Bangalore South
6. Pattabhiramanagar – Ward 168, 8 am at Maiyas Hotel, Jayanagar 4th Block
7. Basavanagudi 3 Wards: Vidyapeeta, Girinagar, Katriguppe – 164, 162 & 163, 7:30 am at Vidyapeeta Matt, Vidyapeetha Circle
BBMP Zone – Bommanahalli
8. Mangammanapalya – Ward 190, 7 am at Mangammanapalya circle
BBMP Zone – Yelahanka
9. Kodigehalli – Ward 8, 8 am at Bhadrappa layout Signal junction, Near Big Bazaar
10. Satellite Town – Ward 4, 7 am at Sheshadripuram College
BBMP Zone – Mahadevapura
11. Bellandur – Ward 150, 8:30 am at HDFC Bank, Greenlen Layout
12. Horamavu – Ward 25, 7 am at HDFC Bank, Raghavendra Circle
BBMP Zone – Dasarahalli
13. T-Dasarahalli – Ward 15, 8:30 am at Metro Station, Dasarahalli
BBMP Zone – Raja Rajeshwari Nagar
14. Yeshwantpur – Ward 37, 8:30 am, Maternity Hospital, Yeshwanthpur Railway Station Junction

MLAs who participated:
MLAs Assembly Constituency Ward & Locations
Shri.Vishwanath Yelahanka Satellite Town – Ward 4, Yelahanka

Shri. Ravi Subramanya Basavanagudi Vidyapeeta, Girinagar, Katriguppe – 164, 162 & 163
Shri. Dinesh Gundu Rao Gandhi Nagar Gandhinagar – Ward 94
Shri. B.N. Vijayakumar Jayanagar Pattabhiramanagar – Ward 168
Shri.N.A.Haris Shanti Nagar Shantala Nagar – Ward 111

All participants who joined the campaign thanked B.PAC for taking up this initiative, which underlines the importance of bringing citizens, officials and leaders together on a common platform for solving specific problems plaguing the city.

MLAs & Corporators of respective wards pledged to keep their wards free of undesirable and unauthorised posters, and banners to improve and maintain the visual appeal of our city of Bengaluru.

B.PAC organised this campaign in association with BBMP as a part of its Corporator Engagement Program(CEP). Under this program, B.PAC in association with BBMP and civic leaders intends to continue this campaign in the coming months and wish to spread this as a significant movement across the entire city.

Speaking on the initiative, Revathy Ashok, CEO, B.PAC commended the broad-based participation from the different sections of the society and the commitment shown by the elected representative and authorities. She further stated that there is an untapped desire of citizenry for the improvement of the city and this campaign reflects their willingness to participate in corrective measures in association with their leaders if a suitable platform is provided for the purpose. The onus now rests with BBMP and BMTF to strictly register complaints and fine the defaulters, and send a signal to the other defaulters to obey the rule of law.

Israel’s ‘only real existential threat’ is potential civil war: Former Mossad chief

Tamir Pardo

by RT

Potential civil war is the number one threat to Israel’s national security, a former Mossad chief said in his first public appearance since leaving office. Tamir Pardo named divisions within society and the triumph of hatred as the main driving forces of internal conflict.

Pardo said at an annual event to honor fallen Druse soldiers in the north. Claiming that Israel is already on the path towards civil war, the former chief of the national Israeli intelligence agency warned that soon Israelis could cross a “certain line in its division and hatred” that could spill over into the State of Israel had a population of over 8,500,000 inhabitants as of May 2016. Some 74.8 percent of them are Jews, 20.8 percent Arab, while the remaining 4.4 percent are defined as “other”.

While Jews and Arabs are technically afforded equal rights under the Israeli law, in many ways, the two sectors live in separate societies – attending different schools, living in different cities, reading different newspapers and pursuing different political goals.

To aid the state of society Pardo called for a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying without it “we will never be able to achieve normalization with our Arab neighbors.”

“The prime minister has said there will be two states between the [Mediterranean] Sea and the [River] Jordan and he’s right,” Pardo said. “In my opinion, we won’t be able to reach any agreement with any country beyond what we have now if we don’t solve the Palestinian issue.”

As far as internal Jewish societal disagreements, the former Mossad chief said that some people in Israel sought the intensity of the existing division.

Besides the Jewish-Arab divisions in society, according to the latest Pew Research Center studies, Israel is also divided along Orthodox Jewish lines and those who are more contemporary followers of Judaism.

Congress to resume publication of National Herald, Navjivan


New Delhi: Congress on Wednesday announced that both its newspapers National Herald (English) and Navjivan (Hindi) would resume publication, and has named Neelabh Mishra as Editor-in-Chief.

According to the Congress, both the newspapers will resume publication in the coming months and it will be followed by resumption of Urdu newspaper Quami Awaz.

Mishra was earlier an editor with Outlook Hindi.

“The Associated Journals Limited, a company founded in 1937 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, has taken steps to resume publication of its English and Hindi newspapers National Herald and Navjivan,” read a statement released by Congress Treasurer Motilal Vora.

“The company has appointed senior journalist Neelabh Mishra as its Editor-in-Chief for its Hindi and English newspapers and digital properties with immediate effect. Mishra is a leading editor, having previously served as Editor of Outlook Hindi,” it added.

The statement further said that Mishra will build and lead the team for both National Herald and Navjivan and their digital and related assets.

The tagline of the forthcoming publications is “Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might”.

“The publications shall seek to give voice to the vision of Pandit Nehru and shall seek to occupy a liberal, progressive, secular space. They shall strive to represent the under-represented and all those deprived of voice, thereby promoting the ideals of a plural, democratic society,” read the statement.


Legal opinion to MHA suggests action against Zakir Naik

zakir naik

New Delhi: Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik may soon be booked under the stringent anti-terror law with a legal opinion is said to have suggested action against him and his NGO, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

Sources said the Home Ministry had sought a legal opinion on the possible action to be taken against Naik for his controversial activities, including allegedly delivering hate speech.

The legal opinion is understood to have conveyed to the Home Ministry that Naik’s statements in different forums allegedly promoted enmity and hatred between religious groups and inspired and incited terrorists.

A case of should be registered against Naik under anti-terror laws for allegedly delivering hate speech on different occasions, sources said quoting the legal opinion.

The legal opinion suggested that there is a “conscious intention” on Naik’s part towards spreading enmity among religious groups.

Apart from Naik, cases should be registered against his NGO IRF, which is allegedly funded radical activities, the legal advice said to have suggested.

Naik has come under the scanner of the security agencies after Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Daily Star’ had reported that one of the attackers of the July 1 terror strike in Dhaka, Rohan Imtiaz, ran a propaganda on Facebook last year quoting Naik.

Naik, in his lecture aired on Peace TV, an international Islamic channel, had reportedly “urged all Muslims to be terrorists”.

Naik, a popular but controversial Islamic orator and founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, is banned in the UK and Canada for his hate speech aimed against other religions. He is among 16 banned Islamic scholars in Malaysia.

He is hugely popular in Bangladesh through his Peace TV, although his preachings often demean other religions and even other Muslim sects.


2 Ola drivers arrested for gangraping, killing pavement girl


Kolkata: Two drivers of a popular online cab aggregator service were arrested today for their alleged involvement in raping and killing a 12-year-old pavement dweller in the city.

The duo — Shankar Shaw and Guddu Singh — allegedly kidnapped the girl last night by forcing her into an Ola taxi and drove her to the Park Circus flyover where they took turns to rape the minor inside the vehicle, a senior officer of Kolkata Police said.

After gangraping the minor all through the night, the duo killed her by strangulating at around 5 AM and then tossed her body into a canal below the flyover in Topsia area, the officer said.

“A team from Hare Street Police station arrested both and they have confessed their crime,” he said.

The drivers had consumed alcohol at Watgunge and then started going around the city looking for soft targets to “have some fun” and it was then they spotted the girl on the pavement on Brabourne Road, the officer added.

The girl was living on the foothpaths of Brabourne Road with her mother who washes utensils in a local shop.

“We got information that a girl was picked up in a private car. And from our traffic control we got the number of the car and alerted every police stations,” he said.

The nude body of the minor girl was recovered from the canal and has been sent for post-mortem, the officer added.


Paes, Bopanna named in Davis Cup squad against Spain

Paes Bopanna

New Delhi: The All India Tennis Association (AITA) named Leander Paes and Rohan Bopanna along with Saketh Myneni in the team for the Davis Cup World Group Play-off tie against Spain.

The match will be held at the R.K. Khanna Tennis Stadium here from September 16-18.

Paes and Bopanna, with a long history of acrimonious relations between them, paired up for the Rio Olympics earlier this month only to be beaten in the first round.

The AITA selection committee retained all the four players that beat South Korea 4-1 in July.

Myneni and Ramkumar Ramanathan are expected to play the singles matches while Paes-Bopanna will do the doubles duty.

Myneni and Ramanathan won their respective first leg singles matches against South Korea while Paes and Bopanna won the doubles match.

The team:

Saketh Myneni

Ramkumar Ramanathan

Rohan Bopanna

Leander Paes


Prajnesh Gunneswaran

Sumit Nagal

Non Playing Captain: Anand Amritraj

Coach: Zeeshan Ali