Fortis brings La Femme – it’s comprehensive and exclusive women’s health and wellness facility to Bengaluru

Centre will offer high end services covering Obstetrics, Gynaecology, General Surgery, Neonatology, Infertility & Cosmetology- all focused on women


Bengaluru: Fortis Healthcare Limited (Fortis), today, launched La Femme, a comprehensive and distinctive boutique hospital for women offering a holistic range of medical services catering to all stages of a woman’s life, at Richmond Road, in the heart of Bengaluru.
Fortis La Femme has been conceptualised keeping in mind contemporary women and the multiple roles they play. It aimsto be their chosen healthcare partnerby offering top notch clinical care, state of the art facilities and infrastructure and trained and experienced staff in a warm and nurturing environment. This facility is the second of its kind in the Fortis network; the first La Femme, in New Delhi, has earned a formidable reputation for itself over the last decade in providing personalized, tailor made, healthcare solutions for women.

Dedicating the facility to the service of women, Mr. Bhavdeep Singh, CEO, Fortis, said, “Fortis La Femme, Bengaluru, extends the brand taking forward the legacy of its predecessor in New Delhi, which has earned a formidable reputation for itself in addressing every dimension of healthcare for women. This centre clearly recognizes that a woman needs specialized medical care in a nurturing and comforting environment and we will go the extra mile to deliver that promise.”

Focused on ‘Making Strong Women Stronger,’ La Femme gifts women medical care matching international standards through a pool of clinical specialists, superlative nursing care and efficient hospital staff who are equipped to manage all patient needs with empathy and warmth. The 70-bed women’s health and wellness facility, located at Richmond Road in the heart of Bengaluru, occupies nearly 70,000 sq. ft of space and has a variety of rooms to suit all needs, including general wards, twin, single and deluxe rooms and presidential suites.

Launching the facility, famed Bollywood actress, Ms. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, said, “The core belief behind this centre is that every woman is special and deserves the best medical care. Beauty, health, happiness – every medical need of the forward thinking woman on the go – is taken care of at Fortis La Femme.”

This specialty tertiary care hospital covers every stage of a woman’s life from birth, adolescence, motherhood, to menopause and beyond. Doctors at Fortis La Femme believe in a holistic approach that encompasses staying healthy and feeling good. The hospital staff has been specially trained to manage all medical situations related to women with empathy and warmth. The centre takes an integrated approach to women’s health and covers every medical aspect in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Neonatology, Anaesthesia, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Genetic and Foetal Medicine. The centre has a unique department catering to the holistic birthing care needs of a woman, Mamma Mia, which complements the Fortis La Femme brand, offering a range of complementary services like Lamaze classes, pre and postnatal fitness and yoga, massage therapy and fertility counselling.
The following medical services are available in the facility:

1. Beauty and cosmetology including facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelids, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and body lifts.
2. Dermatology
3. Dental care
4. Birthing
5. Antenatal care
6. Post natal care
7. Genetic &Foetal medicine
8. Neonatal care
9. Infertility treatment
10. Preventive medicine including health check-ups
11. General and laparoscopic surgeries
12. Gynaecological surgery
13. Gynaecological cancer diagnostics and surgical treatment.

Fourteen years after US invasion, Taliban offensive claims major city

Afghan government pledges to retake Kunduz one day after coordinated assault by Taliban

A Taliban fighter sitting on a motorcycle in Kunduz on Tuesday. (Photo: Uncredited/AP)

A Taliban fighter sitting on a motorcycle in Kunduz on Tuesday. (Photo: Uncredited/AP)

by Jon Queally, Common Dreams

The U.S. military launched airstrikes against targets in Kunduz, Afghanistan on Tuesday, just a day after Taliban fighters caught the U.S. Army, the Afghan National Security Forces, and local security forces off guard by staging a massive military offensive to capture the key northern city.

According to the ToloNews, a privately-run Afghan 24/7 news agency, local reports from the city “indicate that there are civilian casualties because of Afghan and foreign troops airstrikes.” On Monday, a Doctors Without Borders team working in a Kunduz hospital reported numerous casualties from the initial Taliban offensive.

The Guardian reports:

Kunduz is the first provincial capital in 14 years to effectively fall to the Taliban, and is possibly the militants’ biggest victory since they were ousted from power in 2001.

By Tuesday morning, roads were blocked and some government buildings set on fire, several residents told the Associated Press.

“From this morning, the Taliban have been setting up checkpoints in and around the city, looking for the government employees,” one resident said. “Yesterday it was possible for people to get out of the city, but today it is too late because all roads are under the Taliban control.”

On Tuesday morning the Afghan Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Army, along with other security personnel, had commenced a ground-level counter-offensive just after 8 am local time. Speaking from Kabul, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani later gave a televised address in which he vowed to retake the city. Ghani claimed the “enemy has sustained heavy casualties” and said government forces were “retaking government buildings … and that reinforcements, including special forces and commandos are either there or on their way there.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

According to Jason Ditz, writing at, “The loss of Kunduz is a huge blow to the Afghan government, because it had never really been under control of the Taliban even when the Taliban were in power. Kunduz was the center of the Northern Alliance rebellion against the Taliban, which eventually took over the key government positions during the U.S. occupation, and holds them to this day.”

And Bill Roggio, editor of the Long War Journal, argues that the fall of the city speaks to a more robust failure of the Obama administration’s strategy in Afghanistan, which has allowed the war to drag on—”token” draw downs aside—with nearly no progress towards a negotiated settlement, despite nearly 14 years of continuous fighting.

“The fall of Kunduz,” wrote Roggio on Monday, “would invalidate the entire U.S. ‘surge’ strategy from 2009 to 2012. The U.S. military focused its efforts on the southern Afghan provinces of Helmand and Kandahar, claiming that these provinces were the key to breaking the Taliban. Little attention was given to other areas of Afghanistan, including the northern provinces, where the Taliban have expended considerable effort in fighting the military and government. Today, the Taliban are gaining ground in northern, central, eastern and southern Afghanistan, with dozens of districts falling under Taliban control over the past year.”

Regarding additional updates on the fighting on Tuesday, Al Jazeera correspondent Qais Azimy, reporting from Baghlan, just south of Kunduz, said government troops attempted to reenter the city but were turned back due to intense fighting.

The fall of Kunduz, reported Azimy, “sends a message to the international community and Kabul, that the Taliban fighters are now capable of taking control of a provincial capital after 14 years.”

Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria

US officials said the airstrikes appeared to have taken place in the Homs province, where Russia is likely support the Syrian Arab Army in its fight against rebels. (AFP/File)

US officials said the airstrikes appeared to have taken place in the Homs province, where Russia is likely support the Syrian Arab Army in its fight against rebels. (AFP/File)

by Al Bawaba

Russia has conducted its first airstrikes in Syria, US officials said, shortly after the country spoke to the UN to urge an international coalition against Daesh (ISIS).

US officials, however, told Reuters the airstrikes appeared to have taken place in the western province of Homs, where Daesh has no presence and the Syrian Arab Army is trying to regain territory from opposition fighters.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier reported Wednesday at least 27 people were killedand dozens wounded from Syrian army airstrikes. Six of the dead were children, the monitor said.

Russia on Wednesday gained approval from its parliament to conduct airstrikes in the war-torn country.

“The Federation Council unanimously supported the President’s request — 162 votes in favor of granting permission,” Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergey Ivanov said, according to Russian news agency Tass.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assembly said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the force to support to defeat Daesh. But analysts have expressed concern over Russian troops’ deployment in regime-held areas, indicating Russian military force would likely be used against rebels.

US judge dismisses 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia

Judge throws out case filed by victims’ families, saying Saudi Arabia cannot be sued due to sovereign immunity.

The 9/11 attacks resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people [Reuters]

The 9/11 attacks resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people [Reuters]

by Al Jazeera

A US judge has dismissed claims against Saudi Arabia by families of victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks, who accused the country of providing material support to al-Qaeda.

US District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan, New York, said Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity from damage claims by families of nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks, and from insurers that covered losses suffered by building owners and businesses.

“The allegations in the complaint alone do not provide this court with a basis to assert jurisdiction over defendants,” Daniels wrote.

The victims had sought to supplement their case with new allegations to avoid that result, including based on testimony they secured from Zacarias Moussaoui, a former al-Qaeda operative imprisoned for his role in the attacks, Reuters reported.

Daniels said even if he allowed the plaintiffs to assert those new claims, doing so would be “futile, however, because the additional allegations do not strip defendants of sovereign immunity”.

Classified evidence

Saudi Arabia was dropped as a defendant before as judges said it was protected by sovereign immunity, but a federal appeals court in December 2013 reinstated it, saying a legal exception existed and the circumstances were extraordinary.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs said they would appeal. Sean Carter, one the lawyers, said he believed the ruling was also the consequence of the US government’s decision to keep classified evidence that could be favourable to their cause.

Relatives allege that Saudi agents provided the hijackers who carried out the attack with assistance including helping two of them with accommodation in the US.

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who carried out the attacks were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

The US government’s 9/11 Commission said in a 2003 report that there was no evidence Saudi Arabia had funded al-Qaeda.

Hardik Patel meets caste leaders in Delhi

Hardik Patel

New Delhi: Patel quota stir leader Hardik Patel today held a meeting with leaders of several other castes here as part of efforts to consolidate his agitation.

Representatives of kurmis and gujjars among others attended a meet organised by the Akhil Bhartiya Patel Navnirman Sena chief.

Patel had held a meeting with leaders of some of these communities in the national capital last month too.

The young Patidar leader has led massive rallies of Patels in Gujarat, demanding inclusion of his caste in the OBC list for reservation.

His agitation has shaken the BJP government in Gujarat after he organised a massive rally in Ahmedabad on August 25.

The violence that followed his detention engulfed many parts of the state, resulting in death of 10 people.

He has also announced support to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s bid to return to power in his state.


Mumbai 7/11 train blasts: 5 get death, 7 sentenced to life

2006 Mumbai Bombings

Mumbai: Five convicts in the 2006 Mumbai local train bombings, which killed 188 people and injured over 800, were on Wednesday sentenced to death by a Mumbai special court.

Pronouncing the verdict, the special Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) court judge Yatin Shinde sentenced to death Faisal Sheikh, Asif Khan, Kamal Ansari, Ehtesham Sidduqui and Naveed Khan who planted the bombs in various trains.

The other seven accused — Mohammed Sajid Ansari, who prepared the electrical circuits for the bombs, Mohammed Ali, who provided his Govandi residence to make the bombs, Dr Tanveer Ansari, one of the conspirators, and Majid Shafi, Muzzammil Shaikh, Sohail Shaikh and Zamir Shaikh who provided logistical support – were sentenced to life.

On July 11, 2006, seven blasts tore through the first-class compartments of crowded local trains in a span of 11 minutes during the evening rush hour as millions of office-goers were heading home. The blast occurred between Khar Road-Santacruz, Bandra-Khar Road, Jogeshwari-Mahim Junction, Mira Road- Bhayander, Matunga- Mahim Junction and Borivali.

According to investigators, around 20kg of RDX were packed into pressure cookers, placed in bags and hidden under newspapers and umbrellas.

Police said the suspects targeted local trains as they were crowded and the security was not as tight as the other surveyed sites. They divided themselves into seven teams, each consisting of a Pakistani national and an Indian national, and the bombs were taken to Churchgate station on July 11 by taxis.

The anti-terrorism squad (ATS) said the suspects were linked to the banned Students Islamic Movement of India and were helped by Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) to hatch the conspiracy that prompted New Delhi to freeze peace talks with Islamabad.

A charge sheet filed by the ATS in November 2006 named 30 people but four Indian suspects and all 13 Pakistani accused, including key conspirator and LeT commander Azam Cheema, are on the run.


Muslim man beaten to death near Delhi over beef rumours

Mohammad Akhlaq Beef

Dadri: A 50-year-old man was beaten to death by a mob near Delhi on Monday night, allegedly over rumours that his family had stored and eaten beef.

Mohammad Akhlaq and his son, 22, were dragged out by villagers in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh, around 45 km from the capital, and beaten with bricks. Akhlaq died and his son is critical in hospital.

When the police arrived, the mob was still assaulting the men.

Six men were arrested last night. Akhlaq’s family says they only had mutton in their fridge. The police have taken the meat sent it for forensic testing.

The police said the family had stayed at the village for around 35 years. They are investigating who spread the rumour.

“We found out that the people beat them because they consumed cow meat. More people will be arrested,” said S Kiran, a senior police officer.

Sajida, daughter of Akhlaq mentioned that it was mutton which was kept in refrigerator and not beef. She revealed that a mob consisting of 100 people attacked her house on Monday night.

They broke the doors of the house and alleged that cow meat was kept in the house. They dragged her father outside the house and beat him with bricks, she said.

Mr. N.P. Singh, District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar told that police have been deployed in the area and the situation has been brought under control.

News of the arrests led to tension in the area as villagers clashed with the police, forcing them to fire in the air.


Karnataka Hockey goalkeeper T Antic Sagayam passes away

T Antic Sagayam

Bengaluru: T. Antic Sagayam (57), one of the outstanding hockey goal keepers of Karnataka has passed away this morning at St. Philomina Hospital, Bangalore after a brief illness. He was employed with BEML, Bangalore and played for its hockey team for more than two decades in an exemplary manner and was instrumental in the team winning State Super Division Hockey League title at least on seven occasions.

He represented the Karnataka State both in the Junior and Senior National Hockey Championships. In the Junior National Hockey Championship, he played in the years between 1976 and 1979 and thereafter in the Senior National Hockey Championships conducted at various places from the years 1978 to 1986.

Apart from playing in the Junior and Senior National Hockey Championships, Antic Sagayam played for Karnataka in several All India Hockey events as well as in the South Zone Hockey Championships from the years 1978 to 1984.

As he was an outstanding hockey goalkeeper, he was called upon to attend the national coaching camps as a probable player of the Indian Hockey Team for the World Cup 1981, Asiad 1982 and Olympics 1984.

His funeral mass and cremations were held late this evening. KSHA has lost one of the outstanding hockey players who served the Association in an exemplary manner and condole his death.

Land scam: HDK demands Minister Deshpande’s resignation


Bengaluru: JDS Karnataka unit president H D Kumaraswamy today sought resignation of Industries Minister R V Deshpande for “illegally” acquiring reserved forest land near here.

He threatened that if Deshpande does not resign in the next ten days, he would file petition before the Green Bench against cabinet ministers including Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Kumaraswamy had alleged last week that Deshpande and 49 others had illegally acquired vast tracts of reserved forest land near here.

“Last week, I had released government documents, exposing Deshpande’s illegal acquisition of forest land in the city.

The Chief Minister so far has not taken any action in this regard. If he continues to protect the minister I will file a petition before the Green Bench against him, Revenue Minister Srinivasa Prasad, Forest Minister Ramanath Rai and Deshpande,” Kumaraswamy told reporters here.

The former chief minister had tabled documents to support his claims of a “land scam.” He had claimed that government was proposing to fix the guideline value of land at Rs 22,000 per sq feet and once that was done the value of the “scam” would be more than Rs 14,000 crore.

Kumaraswamy had alleged that these people, including Deshpande, had “illegally” acquired more than 177.28 acres in Jakkur-Allasandra plantation village, which was declared Reserved Forest in 1940 by erstwhile Mysore Government.

Replying to a query, Kumaraswamy said: “Siddaramaiah, government and BJP are silent over the issue … they are silent because I suspect they also must have illegally acquired the reserved forest land.”

Kumaraswamy said the scam was brought to the notice of the government by chief conservator of forests by writing a letter to the government, seeking an inquiry.

The Chief Minister, after forming the government, had promised strict action against land grabbers, but so far no action had been taken, he said.

“Whose interest or whom are the Chief Minister protecting – the land-grabbers or poor people, who are the rightful beneficiaries of government land to build houses. The Chief Minister should respond immediately,” Kumaraswamy said.

Deshpande had denied the charge linking him last week and argued that it was not possible for anybody to purchase reserved forest land.

“Is it possible to purchase land declared as reserved forest? It is not possible. I request Kumaraswamy to review his allegations against me,” he had said.


Yemen: Wedding party death toll jumps to 131

Many women and children among the dead in attack initially reported as a ‘mistake’

Monday's accidental attack on a Yemeni wedding party drew references to the United States' December 2013 drone bombing of another wedding party in Yemen, which resulted in the death of the 15 people. (Photo: AFP)

Monday’s accidental attack on a Yemeni wedding party drew references to the United States’ December 2013 drone bombing of another wedding party in Yemen, which resulted in the death of the 15 people. (Photo: AFP)

by Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

The death toll from the bombing of a Yemeni wedding party on Monday has jumped to 131 people, “making it one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in Yemen’s war,” Reutersreports.

Initially reported as a “mistaken” air strike by the Saudi-led coalition, the U.S. backed group is now denying its role in the civilian tragedy as a coalition spokesperson “suggested local militias may have been responsible” for targeting the party, which included many women and children.


Saudi Arabia-led airstrikes “mistakenly” struck a wedding party in Yemen early Monday killing at least 38 people, many of which were women and children.

The U.S.-backed coalition was purportedly targeting Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, when it bombed a celebration in al-Wahga, a village near the strategic Strait of Bab al-Mandab. One senior government official declared the two airstrikes a “mistake.”

According to the BBC, “First reports from the village said that 12 women, eight children and seven men had been killed, with dozens more wounded, when the air strike hit two tents during a wedding for a local man linked to the Houthi group.”

And the Associated Press notes that the village in which the strikes took place “lies in the battered Taiz province, where civilians routinely fall victim to daily Saudi airstrikes as well as rebel mortar shells.”

The United Nations estimates that roughly 4,900 people have been killed and more than 25,000 wounded in the six months since the Saudi-led bombing campaign began in March. Further, roughly 21 million of Yemen’s population of 25 million have been impacted by the conflict.

The incident immediately drew references to the United States’ December 2013 drone bombing of another wedding party in Yemen, which resulted in the death of 15 people. Among those who connected the two attacks, blogger Marcy Wheeler wrote on Twitter: