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3 Dev Actors Shot For WWE Sunday Dhamaal

The 3 actors of the film 3 Dev namely Karan Singh Grover, Ravi Dubey & Kunaal Roy Kapur enjoyed shooting recently for WWE Sunday Dhamaal with anchor Salil Acharya.
Just recently Karan Singh Grover, Ravi Dubey as well as Kunaal Roy Kapur had gone went to promote their Hindi comedy film namely 3 DEV on WWE Sunday Dhamaal with anchor Salil Acharya.
All the actors namely Karan Singh Grover, Ravi dubey & Kunaal Roy Kapoor had great time as they love WWE.
Karan Singh Grover averred, “It was such a nostalgic moment for me to be a part of WWE Sunday Dhamaal. I remember watching Raw & SmackDown as a young boy and now we have come a full circle, with me being a part of WWE to promote my film 3 Dev.”

Ravi Dubey averred, “Doing commentary for WWE Sunday Dhamaal was a special experience for me because of the connection I share with WWE. Every time I am watching TV and I see WWE, there is no option to turn on another channel.”

Kunaal Roy Kapur averred, “Our film 3 Dev is releasing on 1st Jun, 2018 and being a part of WWE for the promotion was a fun experience for me. Being a commentator for the high octane match between Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins,with Karan Singh Grover & Ravi Dubey was exciting .”

The film is produced by Chintan Rana of R2 Phillum Productions & presented by Ayub Khan of E4U Enterprises. The film is directed by Ankoosh Bhatt.

The movie also stars Raima Sen, Priya Banerjee, Poonam Kaur, Tisca Chopra & Prosenjit Chatterjee. The movie is scheduled to release on 1st Jun, 2018.

Bangalore Buzz & Cutting Edge Technology Brings Best & Affordable Online Classrooms

Ed-tech platform NeoStencil organised an IAS toppers seminar in Bangalore recently. The seminar hosted their IAS students such as Suman Sourav Mohanty (All India Rank 9, 2016), Rishi Raj (AIR 27, 2017) & Akshat Kaushal (AIR 55, 2017) as well as a partner teacher Praveen Kishore, Director of Nice IAS. The seminar was attended by over 350 serious UPSC aspirants & parents. Attendees asked preparation related questions of all the speakers.
Exam preparation in India has always been concentrated to a few cities. Top teachers in these cities have always been a valued commodity, with aspirants relocating to Kota for IIT/PMT, Delhi for IAS/IES and the like, as a norm.
Many have tried to address this in different ways. Quite a few have set up VSAT centres, franchise in other cities. Some existing institutes have gone online with their own content. A few have created open online marketplaces while targeting to enable more than 10,000 teachers to come and teach.
Despite these being around, more than 90% serious aspirants still continue to relocate to the same cities, to study from the same teachers., an Ed-tech venture set up by IIT, AIIMS & IIIM alumni, realized this pattern. And realized the core of the problem was never lack of quality teachers. The core was always accessibility to these quality teachers.

NeoStencil decided to approach the problem differently. The company decided to enable existing top teachers of the country to conduct their classes online through its Live-Learning platform.
To ensure that students saw value in this, and did not need to relocate any longer, NeoStencil conducts these classes Live. A student sitting in a remote corner of the country can attend a class by Hyderabad’s top teacher as and when the teacher is teaching in his classroom. So, the syllabus is up-to-date & current. Moreover, with live classes, student’s studying is in-sync with offline world and it is easier to manage the learning pace. If a student misses LIVE classes, he also gets the flexibility to attend the class later, 24×7 and any number of times. Study material, regular tests, toppers seminar are other features of this comprehensive one-stop platform of NeoStencil.

This allows students around the country to get access to teachers of their choice, without needing to relocate any longer. Students can now continue with their jobs, continue living with their families. They do not need to spend lakhs on rent and living expenses. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to create a level playing field among aspirants as more than 50% of our students are from Tier III & IV towns and beyond with parental income less than INR 2.5 Lakhs, who otherwise couldn’t have afforded to relocate to Delhi and aspire for their IAS officer dream.
Also, women in our country need to take into account additional factors, such as safety, before deciding to relocate. With a platform like NeoStencil getting established, women do not need to compromise on safety at all, and can access best education simply through their laptops.
Today NeoStencil has become one of the preferred online platforms for Civil Services exams aspirants as it grants access to top teachers and their classroom programmes across India, through its Live-Learning platform. NeoStencil has tied-up only with top teachers of their field. Teachers who have vast experience, and have delivered stellar results throughout are on-boarded through well defined criteria. The Company has partnered with the most recognized & trusted teachers & and coaching institutes such as Prof Majid Husain, Pavan Kumar IAS, Lukmaan IAS, Mitrapal, Alok Ranjan, Rajnish Raj, Praveen Kishore, Venkat Mohan among 40+ Institutes from across India.
A graduate of IITB & IIMC, Kush Beejal, the Co-Founder of NeoStencil said, “The cost incurred towards Exam preparation is not only the course fees, but also the dilemma of leaving jobs, and the relocation expenses candidates have to bear to move to coaching capitals. With technology evolution, internet penetration & affordable IT hardware at NeoStencil we have bridged the geographical challenges for student & teachers to facilitate comprehensive preparation of competitive exams and within affordable range. We aim to delink aspiration & affordability”.
“Many students have started using online platforms, such as NeoStencil, to connect with teachers and select their classroom of their choice. We are super excited & happy that almost 1 in every 2 successful candidates is a student of our partner institute. 102 of our online students made it to the 2017 final UPSC list including AIR-5, AIR-9 and so on. This is a testimonial to the acceptance of our platform amongst serious aspirants and the quality of education we enable through our platform,” shares, Beejal.

As per the sources, the Edutech market is further pegged to have a potential to touch $1.96Bn by 2020 from current size of $247 Mn.
NeoStencil is India’s foremost online platform for preparing for India’s most coveted Government jobs, i.e. IAS, IPS, IRS. Founded in 2014 by alumni from AIIMS/ IIT/ IIM and in its short span of existence, it has established itself as a leading platform in the IAS segment. NeoStencil on boards premier IAS coaching institutes and famous academicians who believe in knowledge sharing and inspiring students for the best. NeoStencil is proud to have partnered with 40 most recognized and trusted coaching institutes in IAS (UPSC) and is now looking to expand its teachers base to 300 by entering into other Government job exams like IES, State Civil Services & Judiciary.

Bollywood Buzz

Mrs. India Uk Urvashi Salaria Chawla To Represent As Mrs. Eurasia Earth

An Indian beauty entrepreneur based in London was crowned Mrs. India UK at a glitzy event in London last month making her country proud.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla from Delhi, India is the winner of “Colors TV UK Presents Mrs. India UK 2018” organized by Brand Wok. She also won the sub-titles of “Best Catwalk” & “Brand Ambassador” along with other achievements.

Urvashi Saloaria Chawla avers after winning the crown, “Though the crown is magnificent, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, and I will wear this crown not just on my head but my soul. I’ll fulfill all my responsibilities with perseverance.”

Academically Urvashi Salaria Chawla is a journalism graduate, worked as an airline professional, a beauty blogger and now a successful entrepreneur in the makeup industry who owns Sakshi & Urvashi Beauty Studio in Delhi, India and is an esteemed Asian Bridal Makeup Artist in London. She is also an environmentalist by nature who believes in spreading awareness about climate change.

Urvasi Salaria Chawla has been doing a lot of plantation drives in Delhi as well as London. She has been closely associated with volunteering in environmental activities like WWF Earth Hour campaign.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla believes in expressing the notion of “beauty with a purpose”. Urvashi Salaria Chawla will now represent as Mrs. Eurasia Earth and compete for Mrs. Earth 2018 pageant in Jun, this year which will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

Urvashi Salaria Chwla strongly believes in standing against climate change and taking care of our mother earth. She thinks we all should actively plant trees and be more aware of how we can help in taking care of the environment and it all starts from small things like using reusable coffee cups, using eco-friendly products in daily life, recycling & reusing, trashing litter in bins. She has initiated a campaign called #iCareForEarth where everyone is supporting her by posting photos on social media doing any activity or a picture of a product that they use in their daily life which is environmental friendly using this hashtag #iCareForEarth.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla believes that social media plays a significant role in inspiring & and encouraging others and she wants to use this platform to work towards a greener planet.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla says, “I’m fortunate enough to be a part of such an esteemed platform of Mrs. Earth Pageant where I will meet so many like-minded ladies from around the world where our main motto is working towards a healthier planet. I am extremely thankful to the entire team and the organizers for giving us this opportunity. I am on a mission to fight the environmental problems our planet is facing, and I request everybody to join me in the #iCareForEarth campaign as I believe that in the long our little efforts will have a huge impact.”

Bollywood Buzz

Yash Raj Films to Distribute ‘Hanuman vs Mahiravana’ & ‘Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka’

Apart from its home productions, Yash Raj Films has successfully distributed films of other renowned filmmakers across India through its strong & vast distribution network. Adding to its ever-growing list of titles, YRF will distribute forthcoming Indian animation films Hanuman vs Mahiravana & Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka, across India.

Produced by innovative animation content company Green Gold Animation, these films will be released in Hindi & Tamil languages across India in stereoscopic 3D & normal 2D versions.

In the past, Yash Raj Films (YRF) has had a successful distribution collaboration with Green Gold Animation, while distributing their film Chhota Bheem And The Throne Of Bali across India in May, 2013.

Speaking about this twin film deal, Rohan Malhotra, Vice President, Yash Raj Distribution said, “Chhota Bheem & Hanuman are iconic animation characters among Indian kids today. Green Gold Animation has been able to build these inherently Indian animation heroes, Hanuman from mythology & Chhota Bheem as a fictional character and their films deserve a strong release.

Hanuman vs Mahiravana will release across India on 22nd Jun, 2018 & Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka will release later this year.

Elaborating on their distribution deal with Yash Raj Films (YRF), Rajiv Chilaka, CEO of Green Gold Animation said, “Yash Raj Films (YRF) is a big & strong partner for us and we have worked together in the past and we are happy that this partnership will bring 2 amazing stereoscopic 3D animated movies for Indian audiences. Hanuman vs Mahiravana is an Untold story from the Ramayana and is an action packed family movie and we are targeting teenage & older audiences with this movie.”

This collaboration with Indian animation for Yash Raj Films (YRF) will amplify the reach of these films to their widest possible audience; ensuring Indian audiences get the best of home grown entertainment.

Synopsis of Hanuman vs Mahiravana

The quest to rescue princess Sita is coming to an end as Rama & his army of monkeys makes their final push for victory against the demon king Ravana of Lanka. In the ensuing battle, Rama defeats & disarms Ravana but magnanimously spares his life. That night, Ravana unleashes his most powerful ally; his brother Mahiravana, a dark & powerful sorcerer who rules over the Underworld. Mahiravana’s shadow casts a blanket of deception over Rama’s army and the unseen enemy captures Rama & Lakshmana. Mahiravana intends to kill the 2 princes at day break to fulfill a prophecy that will make him invincible. Can Rama’s friend Hanuman save them before it is too late?

Credit Slate of Hanuman vs Mahiravana

a) Producer: Rajiv Chilaka, Samir Jain & Srinivas Chilakapaudi.

b) Director: Ezhil Vendan.

c) Starring: Animated Characters of Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Lakshman, Sugriva, Vibhishana, Ravana, Mahiravana, Sage Tamisra, Taka & Baka.
d) Writer: Narayanan Vaidyanatan.

Synopsis of Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka

On the emperor’s invitation, Chhota Bheem, now stronger than ever, is in the kingdom of China, participating in a prestigious martial arts competition. When Kia, the emperor’s daughter is taken by her uncle Zuhu, Bheem & team go after the kidnappers, but Zuhu is unlike any enemy Bheem has ever encountered. Steeped in dark magic & martial arts Zuhu is pure evil, Bheem may just have met his nemesis in the land of Dragon.

Credit Slate of Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka

a) Producer: Rajiv Chilaka, Samir Jain & Srinivas Chilakapaudi.

b) Director: Rajiv Chilaka

c) Starring : Animated Characters of Chhota Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu, Raju, Kalia, Princess Kia & Zuhu

d) Writer: Nidhi Anand & Teja Pratap

Green Gold Animation is a pioneer in creating original Indian animation content and has been entertaining the younger generation for over a decade. The shows produced by Green Gold have been hugely popular across all leading kids TV channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Discovery Kids, Hungama & Disney, drawing an active viewership of over 60 million kids. The popularity of the characters created by Green Gold has transcended over the years and it has helped the company establish itself as a leading player in Licensing & Merchandising, Movie Production & Distribution, Digital Business, Retail Stores & Events.

Hindi Film Review


Raazi Is An Interesting Spy Thriller

Banner: Junglee Pictures & Dharma Productions

Producers: Vineet Jain, Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar & Apoorva Mehta

Director: Meghana Gulzar

Star Cast: Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Amruta Khanvilkar, Rajit Kapur, Shishir Sharma, Jaideep Ahlawat, Aman Vasisth, Sony Razdan, Arif Zakaria, Ashwath Bhatt et al.

Music: Tubby & Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

In the past few years, Bollywood has churned out some very exciting spy thrillers like Ek Tha Tiger & Agent Vinod in the year 2012, D-Day in the year 2013, Bang Bang in the year 2014, Phantom & Baby in the year 2015, Tiger Zinda Hai in the year 2017 et al. Most of these films also had the role of a female spy who looked like she meant business and would easily kick ass. Katrina Kaif’s portrayal in the “Tiger” series is the most apt example. But imagine a spy who’s completely feminine replete with long, flowy hair & salwar kurtas et al. Anil Sharma did slightly touch upon this aspect in the year 2003 with his biggie movie The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy. Now Meghna Gulzar attempts to make a complete film on this aspect with Raazi.

The scripted scenario of Raazi unfolds the story of a young girl from India sent to Pakistan as an undercover agent. The year is 1971. Pakistan is all set to make a surprise attack on India & the Indian intelligence is trying it’s best to get the details.

Hidayat (Rajit Kapur) lives in Srinagar and travels to Pakistan for business. He is a part of the Indian intelligence but has convinced Pakistani Brigadier Syed (Shishir Sharma) that he works for them.

Hidayat is terminally ill and he asks Syed if he can get his daughter Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) married to Syed’s younger son Iqbal (Vicky Kaushal). Syed agrees and surprisingly, Sehmat also gives her nod. Sehmat is obviously being married to Iqbal to spy in the house of the Syeds and she gets adequate training from Khalid Mir (Jaideep Ahlawat) from Indian intelligence. Sehmat gets married and she gradually gets attached to Iqbal, who gives her the space and doesn’t force himself on her. Meanwhile Sehmat begins her surveillance and finds out crucial information regarding naval attacks planned by Pakistan against India. However the challenges faced by Sehmat are immense and one wrong move can prove fatal for her. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Meghna Gulzar’s direction is impressive. Despite the content being niche, she tries to tell the story in a commercial format. She does falter at places but overall, manages to do justice to the plot.

Raazi is based on Harinder S Sikka’s novella “Calling Sehmat”. The story is novel and stands out from the rest of the spy films as the lead character goes to any lengths, morals be damned. And this bit comes across very nicely. Bhavani Iyer & Meghna Gulzar’s screenplay is a mixed bag. In most of the scenes, it’s simplistic & engrossing.

Raazi doesn’t commence on a high note but grips the viewers very well. The characters are well established and Sehmat agreeing for the dangerous mission could have come across as not so believable. But thankfully that doesn’t happen. Her training sequence is interesting but the film gets better once she moves to Pakistan. Though the film drops for a while, it picks up brilliantly in the intermission point when Sehmat drives the Jonga jeep (military jeep). Arguably it’s the best part of the film. Post interval, the film has some engaging moments but at the same time, the film begins to slow down. There should have been a more gripping cat & mouse chase game but that never really happens. The manner in which Sehmat is able to escape suspicion most of the times is very unconvincing. The finale however makes up for the minuses to an extent. Some of the scenes however get complicated. For instance, some of the details provided by Khalid during Sehmat’s training is difficult to process as it is presented too quickly. Also the interest drops in some scenes. Meghna Gulzar’s dialogues are simple & neat and are very craftily written.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is very melodious but won’t be remembered, except for “Ae Watan”. The song has an anthem like feel and can get a longer shelf life if it’s played on the festive occasion of Independence Day & Republic Day celebrations in the country. The title track gets noticed while “Dibaro” is completely relegated to the background.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy & Tubby’s background score is quite exhilarating. Jay I Patel’s cinematography works big time. The exterior shots of Kashmir are simply breathtaking. Nitin Baid’s editing is nice but should have been more razor sharp. Subrata Chakraborty & Amit Ray’s production design is very authentic. Maxima Basu Golani’s costumes are appealing. Harpal Singh’s action is subtle and not very detailed.

Performance wise it is Alia Bhatt who delivers a powerhouse act and this is surely one of her most accomplished works. Her character is living a double life and she brings out this aspect very nicely. In the emotional & breakdown sequences, she shines! Vicky Kaushal has a limited screen time but he leaves a mark. His character is sure to be loved. Rajit Kapur is quite endearing. Jaideep Ahlawat is very good. This talented actor deserves to be seen more in movies. Shishir Sharma is quite dependable. Notice how endearing he looks when he’s interacting with Sehmat but transforms in another avatar altogether when he’s talking business. Amruta Khanvilkar as Munira is lovely. Arif Zakaria as Abdul plays a dynamic role with panache. Ashwath Bhatt as Mehboob has a small role but is effective. Soni Razdan as Teji is okay. Other actors also do a good job.

Tail Piece: On the whole, Raazi is an interesting thriller which has been brilliantly narrated by Meghna Gulzar that makes for mature viewing. It is a film that celebrates nationalism that is devoid of the colors of religion.

At the box office, it has the potential to grow with positive word of mouth and keep its makers happy. Period.